In a Public Venue

We have an initial meeting to schedule the pre-sitting consultation as well as discuss the sitting agreement and deal with the deposit (non-refundable) for the sitting.

About one week before the scheduled sitting we will meet to discuss clothing recommendations, confirm main location(s), backup location(s), and arrival time.  At this time we will also review the weather forecast for the location.  At this meeting, we will also collect any remaining balance of the sitting fee.

One day before the shoot, we will go to the main location(s) to confirm suitability for the shoot.  If there are any problems with the main location(s), we will continue to the backup location(s) to confirm suitability for the shoot.  We will call the client to update them on any problems with the main location(s) and if we need to use the backup location(s).

On the day of the shoot, we will arrive before the scheduled time to confirm availability of the first location planned for the shoot.  If we encounter any issues, we will contact the client from the first location and discuss how to proceed.

After the shoot is complete and post shoot processes are complete, we will notify the client of how to access the portrait proofs as well as the print ordering process.