Photography Lessons

We offer individual lessons, the cost of the first lesson is $50 and additional lessons are $100 each.  Lessons will average three hours at a location to be determined when we schedule them.  Wedding and Portrait clients receive priority scheduling.

The first lesson will include an evaluation of a sample of your current photography, discussion to evaluate your current level of photography knowledge, determine your current goals with photography and a review of your camera equipment.

For the evaluation of your current photography, we will need a sampling of your work that is not edited in any way and includes images with issues as well as ones that you are happy with.  The images with issues help to determine knowledge levels and isolation of areas to focus on during lessons.  The images selected by the client for the review can be emailed or posted to an agreed upon photo sharing site.

The review of your camera equipment helps to determine if your current equipment is capable of capturing the images you desire and also allows us to help you get the most out of your current equipment.  For this review, the minimum required is your camera and the owner’s manual if you have it.  If you do not have the manual for your camera, please provide us with the brand and model of camera before the first lesson so we can attempt to locate an electronic copy.  We can discuss any other equipment you have questions about and assist you in the use that best suits your needs.

Additional lessons are based on your personal needs and goals, making them unique to you.  As a part of the ongoing process we will review and discuss the clients most recent work during each lesson.

If we decide to have a field trip as a lesson, travel expenses are additional.​
Small group lessons are also an option, contact us​ for details.