Richard Bailey, Self Portrait
Richard Bailey, Self Portrait

Richard was born in 1967 in Fallon, NV to parents with a strong interest in photography. He received his first camera about the age of seven, an old Kodak Brownie 620 camera, an early point and shoot camera.  At the age of eight, he joined the local 4-H photography club that was forming.  He joined at that age to provide the club with enough members to start, the normal minimum age for 4-H is nine. Richard was active in 4-H for nine years.

In high school, Richard was on the yearbook staff for two years as a photographer and one year on the school paper as the only photographer.

In 1981, his family started a full service photography business providing services from passport photos to full restoration of images.  They ran this business until 1996 when they decided to shut the business down for a variety of reasons.

Since 1996, Richard has been doing photography for occasional dances, portraits and other events. He has also been working on some artistic photography endeavors that he is willing to show and discuss with people that express an interest.

He and his wife, Kelley, decided to focus on photography and launched A Moment of Time Photography in 2013.   Richard and Kelley enjoy spending time camping, taking landscape photos, and amateur radio.